Saturday, April 2, 2016

Philip Bloom just put a Sony April Fools Day easter egg in his blog

We wrote a blog post about this, which we regrettably had to reword, once it dawned on us what was going on. Brits are better at deadpan than Yanks are, especially when they grasp that ordinary people want to believe engineers are as confused by digital camera menus as they are.
“We at Sony realise the importance of autofocus in video and we are proud of what the A6300 can achieve. We have understood the frustration from some that our flagships Alpha cameras do not perform as well as the A6300, that is why we are very pleased to announced the new tracking autofocus in video modes for the A7RII and A7SII using phase detection which is available immediately for use on your cameras.”
Phillip Bloom explains why the feature is available now:
So how can it be available immediately? Firmware? Nope! It seems it was in the cameras’ menus all along. The camera designers just couldn’t find where they put it so the easiest thing for them to do was simply not list it as a feature. After months of research they have figured out where it is in the menu to enable the proper video auto focus. It is understandable as Sony menus can be somewhat confusing!
Below is all you need do according to Philip's blog.
  1. Go to menu, settings, custom settings, custom key settings, assign function 1 to auto/ manual focus,
  2. then go to the setup (the last one in the menu)
  3. go to number 6 and highlight the number
  4. then press up which brings up the system menu,
  5. in the system menu select option 5 which is video focus settings and 
  6. assign that to function 2, 
  7. come out of the menu and reboot the camera. 
  8. Once it has restarted go to camera (first setting) 
  9. and page 9 select memory and save to memory 1. 
  10. Restart the camera and set it to movie mode. 
  11. Press the function buttons you just programmed as follows; 
  12. 1 then 2 then 1 twice followed by 2 three times, then pause for 5 seconds and press both 1 and 2 together and hold for 7 seconds, no more no less and that is it!
You now have phase detection tracking in video!

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