Sunday, March 20, 2016

GOP pollster says even Republicans rate Sanders more authentic than either Trump or Clinton

Across the board, Sanders polls best of the five candidates still in the presidential race, says Frank Lutz, who reminded his CBSN interviewers that a significant number of voters cast their ballots on personality, not issues, and that both Trump and Clinton are hugely unpopular. Lutz was taken aback by the respect shown Sanders even by GOP voters who can't stand most of his policies. Many Republican voters are as hostile to Wall St. as leftists are.
    Our between-the-lines takeaway from this is that Sanders, as a third-party candidate against Trump, would garner an unexpected number of GOP votes, given the unprecedented level of mud slinging expected in a Clinton-Trump contest.
     Of course, it's not as if hundreds of millions of dollars couldn't be set aside by billionaires to shred Sanders too, if his poll numbers held up in an independent candidacy.
Clinton's and Trump's unfavorable ratings, right now, are
53% and 63%, respectively
Interviewer: But Frank, if there is a third party candidate...
Lutz: Hold on. Aren't you going to ask me who that is?
Interviewer: Who are they saying they'd like to see?
Lutz: To my surprise, Bernie Sanders.
Other Interviewer: Really?!
Lutz: And not for his policies. We have Republicans in the group who said they disagreed with everything he stood for, but they believe he is honest, sincere; they believe he says what he means and means what he says and what's what they're looking for, and I can't emphasize that more — that we are leaving the time of where policies mattered most, and we are entering the time when persona matters most, and I have to tell you, with all this feeling of betrayal, with all this anger towards the economy, big corporations, Washington and Wall St., integrity is the most important attribute a candidate can have, and with Bernie Sanders, even some Republicans think that he's the candidate with the most integrity.

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