Thursday, February 11, 2016

Storycorps interview revealed a gay secret separating father from son

Andy Goodling didn't tell his father, Scott, that Andy's friend, Bryan, was really his boyfriend until after Bryan died. Storycorps interviewed both Goodlings in a piece broadcast nationally by PBS.
      The founder of Storycorps, a traveling project that records personal reminiscences for posterity, is Dave Isay, who won 2015's TED Prize of $1,000,000.
     During his prizewinning talk (which you may view here), Isay talked about his gay father's coming out and about the 1969 Stonewall incident in which gay bar patrons revolted against being pawns in payoff negotiations between the NYPD and the mafia owners of gay bars in the big Apple.
     (In San Francisco, because of the formation of the Tavern Guild, which provided a united front against police harassment of gay bars, such a flash point never occurred.)
     Storycorps has a subproject, OutLoad, to specifically document LGBTQI stories of those who lived before Stonewall. It is here:

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