Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Antigay KS Sec'y of State says League of Women Voters are ACLU's "fellow Communists"

Kris Kobach, KS Secretary of State, exposer of rampant
Communism in the League of Women Voters, and graduate
of Harvard and Yale universities.
AKSARBENT wrote about antigay Republican Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in January of 2015 when he  turned up in Lincoln to lobby for a GOP voter suppression bill (later blocked), sold in the guise of Voter ID legislation to help solve the nonexistent problem of fraudulent voting. (Here's Kobach's favorite voter disenfranchisement software.)
     Last weekend at a Kansas GOP state convention, Koback went off on the ACLU and all their Communist fellas at the League of Women voters because both groups (and others) are suing over the proof-of-citizenship voting law he championed in 2011.
     Talking Points Memo adds:
     The ACLU filed a separate lawsuit against Kansas' requirement that residents present proof of citizenship to register to vote. The lawsuit also challenges the state's plans to remove 30,000 voters from the registration roles because they did not provide proof of citizenship during a required 90-day period.
     The Department of Justice indicated that it will side with voting rights groups when the agency on Monday filed a brief arguing that the EAC's decision should be temporarily blocked while the courts assess the case.

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