Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sam Rader may or may not have cheated on Nia via Ashley Madison, but he sure cheats in the pool

Popular Christian vlogger Sam Rader got busted for getting an Ashley Madison account, so he did what he does, made a video about it! Below: his mea culpa (left) and a photo of him in happier times sharing a tomato with a bud, which apparently is how Christian guys fake the rainbow.
Sam and his wife Nia have made a fortune vlogging on YouTube since their distracted driving, hands-off-the wheel karaoke video got 22 million views on YouTube. They humbly titled it "Good looking parents sing Disney's Frozen" and recorded it as tractor-trailers streaked by in the next lane.
     Since then Rader, a nurse, was accused of faking a positive pregnancy test after which his wife allegedly miscarried. They never saw a doctor, but racked up a lot of YouTube views for the "surprise" announcement and again for the miscarriage announcement.
     One of their videos, now removed, involved Rader asking his five-year-old daughter about gay marriage and then steering her toward disapproval when he discovered she wasn't with the Christer Condemnation Program about same-sex civil marriage.
     Saturday, Rader was kicked out of a Seattle vlogger conference for allegedly threatening a vlogger who had apparently criticized Rader's dubious YouTube claims. When Gawker asked Rader if he had menaced the guy, Rader denied it — sort of:
When asked to clarify whether or not he threatened anyone, Sam told me, “That’s absolutely not true. If I made a threat, it was to the one person, and it was, ‘You need to watch out before he messes with my family.’”
     Sometimes exhibitionistic people inadvertently reveal a bit too much about themselves, as when Sam and Nia's swimming video showed Sam winning a friendly race by cutting off the guy in the next lane. Then he did it again in the next race.
Above, Rader, at bottom, cuts off his buddy in the middle lane (at the 5:56 mark here) to win an informal swimming race, then, in the second picture moves in from the center (7:04) to cut him off again in another race. Hey, whatever it takes, as long as you're anointed, right?

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