Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GOPers scream "Organized Voter Supression" over NE death penalty initiative Decline to Sign ads

LeavenworthSt., the leading exemplar of GOP hypocrisy in Nebraska, just threw a blog fit about efforts to ensure that the Unicameral's revocation of Gov. Pete Ricketts's license to kill stays revoked. Such efforts are in the form of a persuasion campaign to keep people from signing petitions to allow voters to reinstate the death penalty, this time ensconcing it into Nebraska's constitution.
     The tantrum ran under the headline "Organized Voter Suppression." Yeah, we know: GOP cheerleaders complaining about voter suppression is like germs complaining about disease.
     LeavenworthSt's schtick is that it is terribly troubled that an Alliance of the Nebraska ACLU and Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty got a $400,0000 grant to run Decline to Sign TV ads. AND THE $400,000 GRANT WAS GIVEN BY A GROUP FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS!!! (How much Soros funding was involved, LeavenworthSt. does not say.)
Pro-death penalty Gov. Pete Ricketts, called a "dollar store
Lex Luther" by HBO's John Oliver. Is the TD Ameritrade
fortune funding efforts to reinstate Nebraska's death penalty?
     Why is advertising on this issue voter suppression? Because Democrats are doing it! Persuading the body politic not to overrule the actions of a legislature it directly elected is not only voter suppression, it's Organized Voter Suppression!
     Never mind the GOP creation in various states of sloppy computer databases that suspiciously disenfranchise voters with ethnic names and GOP-engineered termination of early voting and the cutting back of voting hours and the hiring of corrupt voter registration firms which deposit Democratic voter registrations not to election commissioners but to dumpsters and requiring IDs of people who vote in elections but allowing anonymity to billionaires who buy elections via 501 (c) (4) "social welfare" organizations. None of that sort of genuine GOP voter suppression is anything LeavenworthSt would be caught dead talking about.
     LeavenworthSt. is far more perturbed by $400,000 in anti-death penalty ads than the $900,000 that death penalty proponents will spend in a paid petition drive, and the $600,000 more they expect to spend in an ad campaign should the question reach the ballot.
     Or, more importantly, where that 1.5 million bucks is coming from.
     We have our suspicions of where the money trail ends and we bet they could be confirmed by Gov. Pete Ricketts's privately-paid staffer advisor, Jessica Moenning, who is coordinating the campaign to restore the death penalty after the Unicameral overrode Ricketts's veto of death penalty reform. Ricketts is a wealthy former TD Ameritrade executive and a son of the $1.6 billlionaire founder of same.

Below are both of the Decline To Sign Ads on YouTube, which weren't easy for us to find because apparently $400,000 doesn't buy a staffer who is willing to code a few obvious search keywords to make his or her YouTube video more discoverable. Bother.

Decline to sign ad 1:

Decline to sign ad 2:

Below, a Death Penalty petition circulator plays peek-a-boo with AKSARBENT's video camera:

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