Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Indiana State Tourism website pretends nothing is wrong; makes no attempt to convince LGBTs to visit state; quite a different story in Indianapolis

Are Visit Indiana honchos really that clueless — or is the state agency being intimidated by Mike Pence's administration to shut up about the controversy the GOP has created?
     We could find no mention of the firestorm scorching Indiana tourism on the home page or even on the state's tourism blog, "Indiana insider," which was about as forthcoming as the 1950s Soviet Politbureau was about inconvenient truths.
     We couldn't find a single gay destination promoted by Visit Indiana or any evidence at all that Indiana's tourist bureau acknowledges that gay tourists even exist.

Contrast the attitude of state tourism officials with those in Indianapolis — which isn't fooling around and certainly isn't taking the GOP's tourism wrecking ball lying down:
No legislation can take away the ethos of Indy, its "Hoosier Hospitality." Indy is built on its people, who are warm, welcoming, and inclusive of all. Visit Indy proudly joins Mayor Greg Ballard in opposing RFRA.

Visit Bloomington isn't addressing the controversy but acknowledges gay visitors with a link on the home page:

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