Tuesday, April 7, 2015

GOP's RFRA stunt cost Indiana $1.5 billion

The Governator is not amused by GOP attacks on LGBTS
Which Indiana Senators and Representatives voted for RFRA? Find out here.

From NBC affiliate WNDU in South Bend:
     “With all due respect to anyone who says let’s just slow down, let’s take our time, why do we need to do this? In your heart of hearts you know why we're doing this, because there's been economic damage to our state. I think unfairly, but it's real and we have to do something about it,” President Pro Tempore David Long said during a conference committee hearing on the fix.
     “I had a manufacturer from Marshall County call me earlier this week distraught that he had just lost his largest customer who said that they no longer were going to purchase product from them because they didn't want to buy anything from the state of Indiana,” testified Kevin Brinegar with the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce.
     USA Today recently voted Indianapolis the number one convention city in the U.S.
     The convention, tourism, entertainment and hospitality industries there employ 100,000 people.
     “I talked to some of the industry professionals just to get the facts and figures so I didn't just pull them out of thin air,” said Ind. Rep. Terri Austin, (D) Anderson. Convention and meetings, the net present value, the loss to the state is $1.5 billion, meetings and conventions.”

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