Thursday, January 22, 2015

The cheap GOP semantics Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer are using to deny the human cause of global warming

On Wednesday the Senate voted 98-1 that climate change is real and not a hoax — a shabby scam by the GOP to con voters into believing that the party isn't denying science. Republicans will doubtless point to this when critics lambaste it.
     What the GOP won't point to are the two previous votes on the propositions that "Climate change is real; and human activity contributes to climate change" and "climate change is real (and) human activity significantly contributes to climate change"
     Senators Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst all voted for the not-a-hoax pronouncement and against the statements acknowledging human complicity in global warming.
     None of them — not even Joni Ernst — is that dumb. All of them are that dishonest, that reckless and that corrupted by Big Oil and the Republican Party's deepest reserves of lethal amorality on a global scale.
     The civilization whose destruction they hasten will be one of hunger, strife and desperate misery.
     As Agnostics, we dearly wish there really were an eternal hell to which Sasse, Ernst and Fischer could be dispatched at the end of their conniving lives, but even that would not indemnify the billions of futures they are helping to wreck.

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