Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NE Board of Ed. member's blog racism bothers Dems, World-Herald and GOP Gov., not his antigay slurs

Also: Amazing video reveals the double standard of an
anti-LGBT rights Objective Conservative contributor.

Also: Right Wing Watch is covering this now, too. 
Also: Hate blogger Patrick McPherson was cited for 3rd degree sexual assault

The Nebraska Democratic Party is making political hay by sputtering righteous indignation about racist "half-breed" characterizations of President Obama in Objective Conservative, a local wingnut blog whose owner, it turns out, was just elected to the Nebraska Board of Education for four years.
     GOP TD Ameritrade millionaire and Caucasian-loving Gov. Pete Ricketts has condemned the blog postings and the World-Herald was suitably scandalized in its coverage Tuesday.
     The Chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Vince Powers, is OUTRAGED, but rather selectively so:
     The chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party said Tuesday that Ricketts "just flunked his first test as governor as he failed to ask for McPherson’s resignation."
     "How will Mr. Ricketts explain to schoolchildren and teachers why it’s OK with the governor for a State Board of Education member to have a racist blog," Powers said.
     Powers said McPherson either wrote the posts or is covering for the person who did.
     He described the postings as "garbage."
     A lot of people in the LGBT community would describe Objective Conservative's characterization of LGBTs as garbage too, but Powers, Ricketts and the World-Herald are silent on that.
     Patrick McPherson, the blog's owner, issued a disavowal  for not reading his contributor's posts, and also erased years of posts, in fact the entire blog before Monday's quasi-apology.
    AKSARBENT, however, has published two posts about Objective Conservative's gutter insults of LGBTs. From AKSARBENT's wayback machine:

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