Thursday, January 15, 2015

John Chatelain, contributor to racist blog, vs. LPS superintendent Steve Joel: who's really talking out of both sides of his mouth?

The Nebraska Family Alliance and Fox News have been making a huge stink recently about the Lincoln Public School System's attempts to formulate policies that accommodate transgender kids.
     Conservative website Nebraska Watchdog has published 12 articles about the topic.
     Now we learn that an anti-LGBT rights advocate is a contributor to the racist/homophobic blog of a just-elected member of the Nebraska State Board of Education.
     Today, Right Wing Watch covered the controversy over the racist, anti-LGBT blog, a tempest now raging because the blog's owner, Pat McPherson, recently was elected to a four-year term on the Nebraska State Board of Education.
    Right Wing Watch unearthed a bunch of Objective Conservative posts that McPherson thought he had deleted, but which Google still caches.
     One of the posts was by John Chatelain, a right-wing Omaha lawyer who testified against including LGBTs as a protected class in Omaha.
     In his piece, Chatelain boldly accused LPS Superintendent Steve Joel of "speaking out of both sides of his mouth" regarding the inflation of the  LPS issue into a political football.
     Given Chatelain's public disapproval and political weaponization of cross-dressing and non-conforming gender identity issues vesus his private amusement — and even celebration — of same, (see above video) we have to wonder who is really talking out of both sides of his mouth here.
     Note: AKSARBENT is not accusing Mr. Chatelain of writing any of the racist posts in Objective Conservative. As far as we know, Chatelain's activities are relegated to attempting to defeat the ability of LGBTs to have legal recourse, via statutes, when they are jerked around by heterosexual supremacists.

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