Thursday, December 18, 2014

With 3 weeks left in term, NE AG Jon Bruning sues CO because its voters legalized pot

Nebraska AG Jon Bruning pictured
with Eames and Barcelona chairs
Just when you thought lame duck Jon Bruning, the pride of Nebraska's GOP, had run out of ways to squander his budget, he comes up with this stunt.
     He (along with Oklahoma's attorney general) is suing the state of Colorado, claiming in a news conference today that arresting Coloradans traveling in Nebraska is a financial burden on some Nebraska counties, and also claiming, in the same news conference that it wasn't about the money, it was about Colorado flouting federal law, so now he will spend Nebraskans' taxes to do Eric Holder's alleged job. Or, more accurately, he will start the process, leaving his successor holding the bag. He said he discussed his action with incoming GOP AG-elect Doug Peterson.
    Jon Bruning has also said that heterosexuals, as well as homosexuals, don't necessarily have the right to a divorce, and that gay marriage is similar to a man wanting to marry a chair. In support of the latter proposition, Bruning filed an anti-gay marriage brief supporting Utah's attempts to fight marriage equality despite the fact that Utah is in the 10th U.S. District Court of Appeals and Nebraska is in the 8th.
     In 2012, during a debate, Bruning broadly insinuated that his GOP primary opponent, former Nebraska Attorney General Don Stenberg, was a pedophile.

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