Saturday, December 13, 2014

NE Senator-elect Ben Sasse has a message for all you bad, false and ugly nonbelievers!

Mr. Sasse was far too busy this week to answer even one damn question from KMTV about the CIA Torture report, but he sure wasn't too busy to talk to hate group leader Tony Perkins.
     In his interview, at about the 5-6 minute mark, Sasse had the following stern advice to all you 17 million atheists and agnostics in the USA:
The good, the true and the beautiful exist in places where people know each other and they're trying to live out a life of gratitude to God...
     Our heart goes out to Ben Sasse for the tough road he has chosen for himself — living out a life of gratitude to God in his search for the good, the true and the beautiful amidst the carnivorous lobbyists of Exxon-Mobil and Goldman Sachs. We hope his purity is never sullied, or, if it is, that there are no incriminating fingerprints. 
     Oh, by the way, before we forget, Ben — about that pre-election trip to Israel that you mentioned in your fun chat with KKK-mailing list customer Tony Perkins: who paid for the fact-finding drinks, entrees, airfare, hotels and excursions? Will they be getting a decent Return On Investment for their shekels? Will Nebraska taxpayers?

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