Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cute Chicago Fox weatherman flips off camera,
now knows which way the wind blows

Why is it always Fox talent that gets caught making life difficult for the nuns at the FCC?
     We're guessing that meteorologist Bill Bellis will just get his knuckles rapped and not fired.
     Oh — for you youngsters, the headline allusion leads directly to the end of the second verse (1:02) of this song.

     We don't expect the above video to last long on YouTube.
      Like a cat leaving the litter box, Fox is usually pretty good at burying the telltale evidence of whatever it just did.
     Regardless of what happens, we do expect Bill to land on his feet.
     With his range of expressions, we're guessing he could do any number of things in front of the camera besides weather.

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