Monday, November 3, 2014

Why Italy's most famous gigolo is suing the state for exploitation of prostitution

Roberto Dulce (Sweet Roy) is working on a book with a psychologist:
     I think I'm the real problem. I mean, I do this job because mentally I have some hatred for women. Maybe I should be psychoanalyzed. I make myself available, but then...
    You say that there's something wrong with you. You hate women. From a practical point of view, aren't you afraid to lose clients?
     Of course. Clearly this book is very dangerous for me.

Roy's fame has also caught the attention of the inland revenue. Prostitution is legal but the profession isn't recognized by the tax department. No tax code means he can't file a return. That hasn't stopped them chasing him for $70,000 in unpaid taxes.
     So now I have a lawsuit against the state because I've sued the state for exploitation of prostitution. Because if they take my money, which I can prove that I have earned with prostitution, you, state, become my partner so you're exploiting me, and that's illegal.
     It's a huge burden. But there's a paradox. I have to pay tax on my assets. I have to pay tax so they calculated income tax and all the other taxes. So I'll end up paying the Church tax as well. So with the "dirty money" I earn from prostitution, I'll pay a priest's wages. That's the paradox. It's absurd.

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