Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sen. Deb Fischer: now a tool of cable/telecom Internet service providers, not just foreign oil companies!

Yeah, and we're disappointed in Sen. Fischer's revelation that she is now carrying water for the cable industry and telecom ISPs — by her opposition to net neutrality — as well as the outrageously dishonest spin she is trying to put on President Obama's attempt to preserve it.
     We guess trying to help a foreign oil company jack up oil prices in the Midwest just isn't doing it for Sen. Fischer any longer, and she has now branched out to new ways of double-crossing the voters who thought she might represent their interests and not those of corporate buccaneers.
     As for Fischer's professed concern about, we assume, United States jobs generated by the Keystone XL pipeline project she is trying to force on rural Nebraska, perhaps she would look a little less phony and contrived if she displayed any concern at all about the fact that TransCanada, is buying huge amounts of pipe from Indian, not U.S. steel mills.
     Just saying. 

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