Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hari Kondabolu on Matthew McConaughey, gay rights

Here's the 2012 Advocate interview (press for Magic Mike) with McConaughey that comedian Kondabolu savaged. In the routine Kondabolu insinuated that a fellow high school student who McConaughey says came on to him might have been misunderstood because of the difference of "Indian culture" and that McConaughey might have falsely outed said former student to a future wife because, um, lots of heterosexual Indian women read the Advocate?

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  1. I think Indian women are still modest compared to Western women inspite of British colonialism and modern cultural imperialism. The centuries of Muslim rule has spiritually brought them closer to their traditional Hindu roots. I admire the fact that Hindu extremists who kill Muslims in Gujrat and Kashmir still oppose the idea of valentine's day. So, such stereotype about Indian women is a serious insult Indian women should speak out against.