Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dick Cavett's 10th tweet is one of nastiest things he's ever said publicly about anyone

And he said it about a fellow Dick who was also born in Nebraska:
Mike Nichols, celebrated Broadway/Hollywood director and husband of Diane Sawyer, died Wednesday. AKSARBENT's remembrance was here
A calculating-looking Dick Cheney, age 5, in his College View kindergarten class
in 1946 after "transferring" from his first kindergarten class at Randolph School
     In 2004, Vice President Cheney invited his 1946 Randolph Elementary School teacher, 86-year-old Margaret Van Neste, to a campaign breakfast in Lincoln for Jeff Fortenberry, then running for Nebraska's First District house seat.
     The previous year, Cheney had told Van Neste's former teaching assistant, Phyllis Acklie, that one of his fondest Nebraska memories was attending kindergarten at Randolph Elementary School and being in Van Neste's class.
     What Cheney didn't say was that Neste hardly remembered him (perhaps she was being diplomatic) because that fall, in 1946, five-year-old Dick Cheney was kicked out of Randolph School abruptly transferred to College View Elementary School (now Calvert School.)
     So Yale may not have been the first educational institution to have asked Cheney to leave.
     This story gets better.
     After friends and family of Miss Sylvia Harney (nee Korbel), Cheney's College View teacher, got wind of the slight, the White House sent a belated invitation to her as well as Van Neste.
     Harney did remember Cheney — vividly.
     "He just took over," she told the Lincoln Journal-Star.

     Full disclosure: This post was written by a proud graduate of Calvert Elementary School, AKA College View Elementary School (national ranking: low).

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