Sunday, September 21, 2014

You can't handle the truth! Omaha World-Herald story about Neil deGrasse Tyson addressing atheists doesn't mention "A" word until paragraph 14

Cosmos sexpot Neil deGrass Tyson
The Omaha World-Herald, your Christian newspaper, did a pretty good imitation of a fan-dancing stripper with something to hide in its story on Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson, in town to address Atheists at Apostacon
     The newspaper waited until the second-to-last of  15 paragraphs in its story to mention the "A" word.
     Here are a couple of the evasive teases:
 ...But more than 1,000 people rose and cheered for Neil deGrasse Tyson on Friday night in Omaha — and that was even before he started speaking ...Tyson hit some serious topics during his talk, such as the importance of the scientific method. But he drew laughs and applause throughout the evening as he riffed on things...
World-Herald headline
     Finally, Nebraska's biggest newspaper steeled itself and its god-fearing readers for the Big Reveal in paragraphs 15 and 16:
     He was opening night speaker at Apostacon, a conference for atheists and other nonbelievers.
     The conference continues today through Sunday at the downtown Doubletree Hotel Omaha.

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