Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gay PA State Rep. Brian Sims gets adorably mad about state's lack of LGBT hate crimes law; thumps lectern

A recent beatdown by a well-heeled group of alumni from Archbishop Wood High School of two gay men in Sims' Philly district prompted his ire, so he thumped his podium lecturn, but harder than Sen. Diane Feinstein slapped her Senate lectern when she found out the the nation's spook community was spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staff computers not just merely surveilling the telephone habits (But it was only metada!) of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Three suspects have now been arrested in the beating, including the daughter of a Pennsylvania police chief who has been suspended for the way she alleged gets her nocturnal kicks as well as for being suspected of violating HIPPA regulations by tweeting confidential patient information.
     Her tweets also reveal a pronounced distaste for even those gays she chooses not to allegedly pummel with high heeled footwear.
     Her attorney describers her as a "kind and gentle person" who "couldn't bust a grape" and who "completely denies having touched anyone," an interesting denial which presumably would not preclude flailing with a shoe at someone who ended up in a two-foot pool of blood on a City of Brotherly Love sidewalk..

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