Friday, September 26, 2014

Surprise! Abington, PA police say Kathryn Knott's tweets revealing Bucks Co. cop misconduct aren't true!

NOTE: the headline for this post was edited after a reader pointed out that Abington, PA is in Montgomery, not Bucks, county.
Guess Bucks County [and/or Montgomery County — Ed.] police officers are between a rock and a hard place explaining tweets of suspected gay-basher Kathryn Knott, daughter of Chalmont's Chalfont's police chief: either she's a social media liar or her tweets revealed police misconduct.
     Knott's father, Karl, was hired as the police chief of Chalfont in January. In 2012, when he was on Abington's police force, his daughter's tweets were investigated as they seemed to indicate misconduct on the part of her father. Abington Police Chief William Kelly says nothing indicated the tweets were true.
The tweets that drew the attention of Abington police are both from 2012:
      Dec. 18, 2012: @garlicknott dad just let me kick down a door on a raid #epic
      In an interview Thursday, Kelly said Kathryn Knott did accompany her father on a “ride-along” and during that shift police officers were dispatched to a “well-being check.”...Kelly stressed that she never got out of the car and would have never been allowed to “kick in” a door.
      ...In the second tweet, from March 21, 2012, Kathryn Knott posted: A guy ran me off the road, called my dad ran his license, and got him ticket #sorrynotsorry #lovemydad
      Kelly said police investigated the allegation that Karl Knott had looked up the license plate and issued a ticket on his daughter’s behalf, but found nothing to indicate there is any truth to what she posted on social media.

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  1. Abington is in Montgomery County not Bucks County. Chalfont (not Chalmont) is in Bucks County.