Monday, July 28, 2014

Leavenworth St. blog is outraged that the Clintons are raking in easy money from their government service!

By Sunday evening, AKSARBENT usually starts to jones for a jolt of funny from late night comedians after a two-day deprivation of same. That's when we turn to the Leavenworth St. blog for a laugh, and we are rarely disappointed, especially when we run across gems like this:
     ...But when Bill and Hillary’s cash comes from making speeches and selling books based off their time in government, it is pretty tough to try to pretend they’re all about the hard work.
      Be interesting to see if Dems reject that crap now...

     Of course not everything at Leavenworth St. is inadvertently funny. Some of it seriously creeps us out, like streetsweeper's unsolicited advice to TransCanada's Lee Terry, who had the temerity to state the obvious to CNN's Dana Bash about the Tea Party defeat of Eric Cantor making it even harder for Republicans to compromise on anything:
JUST STOP IT! You’re not a talking head! This isn’t in private!!!

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