Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In 2013 OPD told AKSARBENT it recovered 67% of stolen vehicles; the World-Herald says the cops haven't solved more than 20% of car thefts in 10 years

Here are screencaps of AKSARBENT's twitter conversation with OPD last year, in case the Omaha Police Department tweets accidentally get deleted...

     To reiterate: In February of 2013 the Omaha Police told us they "recovered" 67% of  stolen vehicles.
     Last Sunday, however, the Omaha World-Herald printed the following, based on data provided to it by the Omaha Police Department:
...Police solved 20 percent of all car thefts in 2004; last year that number was down to 12 percent. ...Omaha’s 12 percent clearance rate last year was on par with the national average. But it amounts to a major drop from a decade ago, when police handled a higher number of stolen car cases and solved more of them.

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