Saturday, July 26, 2014

GOP Reps. like Lee Terry and Adrian Smith ignore Israel's flagrant violations of Arms Export Control Act; they shower Israel with $3.1b of your taxes yearly

Claire Thompson reminds us that "U.S. taxpayers fund 20% of Israel's military, providing over $3.1 billion in weapons each year, making U.S. taxpayers deeply complicit in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians. The State Department and Congress could immediately end these attacks by suspending military aid to Israel and brokering a lasting ceasefire agreement and an end to Israel’s illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.
     Israel is firing U.S.-funded precision weapons against civilians and civilian infrastructure. This flagrant misuse of U.S.-supplied weapons is a clear violation of U.S. laws like the Foreign Assistance Act and Arms Export Control Act."
     Israel's last attack on Gaza was almost certainly a violation of the Arms Export Control Act and that country's current assault on Gaza civilians, including four attacks on hospitals in four days, is even worse.
     But Rep. Lee Terry and Rep. Adrian Smith keep lavishing billions of your taxes on Israel, a country with an unemployment rate lower than that of the U.S.
     Israel has repeatedly attacked Gaza hospitals in recent days, including the Al-Aqsa medical facility, prompting the following comment to Al Jazeera:
     Dr Medhat Abbas, director of al-Aqsa Hospital, said any Israeli claim that Hamas was using the hospital "was a big lie".
     "I challenge anyone in the international community to prove that. There are no weapons in our hospital," Abbas said.
     We are ready for any inspection. Any international organisation can come and make sure we have nothing in our hospital."
     "They are professional liars and killers."

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