Tuesday, July 15, 2014

$22-million-a-year Tupelo, MS antigay hate group worried that rainbow wrappers for BK Whoppers may become available in Des Moines

A Burger King in San Francisco, earlier this year, created a special "Pride" Whopper which differed from a regular Whopper only in its rainbow-colored wrapping.
     This was enough of a hook to allow American Family Association's Bryan Fischer to troll BK and exploit the notoriety by claiming, on his Focal Point show, broadcast on hundreds of AFA low power radio stations, that his very prosperous organization might issue an "action alert," because if this sort of thing isn't stopped in San Francisco, “this kind of nonsense, then it's going to be spreading across the entire fruited plain and you're going to be going to your Burger King in Des Moines, Iowa and you're going to have a rainbow color wrapper for your Whopper."
     Fischer went on to predict that the product would be disastrous for Burger King because people do not want to have to think of two men having sex when they sit down to eat a hamburger because evidently that's what Bryan Fischer personally thinks when he sees a rainbow emblem.

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