Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest screwup by administration of NE GOP Gov. Dave Heineman "one of the most shocking mismanagements that people have ever seen in state government"

Nebraska Governor
Dave Heineman
That assessment, by Omaha State Senator Heath Mello, is not hyperbole. The Heineman administration's latest blunder really is by far the worst example of his administrative incompetence and richly deserved Mello's scathing assessment, to which the state senator pointedly added, "This literally put the public at risk."
     What Mello referenced was miscalculation by the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services of the release dates of hundreds of the state’s worst criminal offenders, discovered by reporters for the Omaha World-Herald, which revealed last Sunday that the slipshod formula resulted in a reduction of 750 years from sentences of hundreds of "habitual criminals, gun thugs and child rapists," 101 of whom have already been released early.
     Gov. Heineman's repeated administrative failures have damaged child welfare in the state, will cost Nebraska DOJ funds because he failed to implement prison rape reduction legislation passed 11 years ago and have necessitated the resignation of a top appointee who called women who were not his wife thousands of times on a state-issued cell phone. 
     Heinemen is currently lobbying (while in office) for a job as president of the University of Nebraska, a position that pays four times his current governor's salary. Though he lacks an advanced degree, he has unashamedly touted his administrative experience to regents, who, it is hoped, have a robust sense of humor.

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