Saturday, May 10, 2014

On Glenn Beck's show, Shane Osborn is asked whether he ever tongue-kissed, held hands or saw a movie with Mitch McConnell

Beck: "Wait, wait. This is gonna be good. This is like a junkyard fight."
     AKSARBENT was tempted to quote Beck as later saying "I'd take either one of you guys," but that would be out of context and sleazy so we won't.
     Later, Osborn explained the circumstances of FreedomWorks jilting him for Sasse, a midstream tea party shift that Beck remarked that he had never seen happen before.
     Osborn went on to claim that "Putin owns Obama."
     Really? As much as the Koch Bros. now own the GOP, Shane?
     On immigration, Beck worried aloud about illegals coming in and "taking our stuff." Osborn opined that comprehensive immigration reform is all a Democrat plot to turn Texas purple.
     On racist tax cheat Clive Bundy and his weapons-carrying posse, Osborn said it was "inspiring" to see people standing up to the federal government.
     Finally, recovering alcoholic Beck grilled Osborn (12:35) on his relationship with the evil Osborne Corp. and the constant attacks on Spiderman. When Osborn explained that his surname doesn't have an "e" on the end, Beck said, "That's exactly what a villain trying to kill Spiderman would say."

Below: Ben Sasse, Osborn's tea party opponent, is now the butt of YouTube butt jokes on account of his name. But don't feel too sorry for Sasse. His dark money D.C. friends are pummeling Osborn with $2.8 million in attack ads in sparsely populated Nebraska.

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