Friday, May 9, 2014

Ben Sasse's supporters pouring $2.8 million into ads attacking his GOP opponents; one, that wants to kill farm subsidies, is dropping $200,000

Also: a locally-produced video has some fun with Ben Sasse's name. It involves a lot of butt jokes.

From Leavenworth St.:
At this point, nearly $2.8 MILLION in negative ads has been spent in the Senate race, on behalf of ONE candidate.
     Here is a short list of those who have hammered Sasse’s opponents with negative ads:

  • 60 Plus Assn
  • Club for Growth
  • Club for Growth Action
  • Ensuring a Conservative Nebraska
  • ForAmerica
  • Freedom Pioneers Action Network
  • Freedomworks for America
  • Gun Owners of America
  • Legacy Foundation Action Fund
  • Madison Action Fund
  • Senate Conservatives Fund
  • Special Operations for America
  • Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
     The latest is $200,000 worth of ads from the Club for Growth attacking  Sid Dinsdale, who is starting to freak out the Tea Party. The Club for Growth is a Wall St. gang that wants to eliminate farm subsidies.
     Here's a press release from last June from that outfit:
“Now that the House has defeated the Farm Bill, we should finally discuss real reform,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “The time for reform is now. We need to put farm subsidies on a path to elimination...

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