Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nebraska GOP Governor candidate Pete Ricketts and his amazingly Caucasian twitter feed: From 4/1-5/24, 2014: 163 campaign photos, 0 black faces

Ricketts for Governor just loves to portray white people in its
Twitter feed, especially blonds/blondes, who seem to get the
most close-ups. Black Nebraskans? Not so much.
This is really quite extraordinary. As AKSARBENT was browsing the campaign photos tweeted out by @RickettsForGov, we thought: geez, this is really Aryan with a capital "A" — does the Pete Ricketts campaign see black people at all?
     So we looked at every one of the photos tweeted by the wealthy TD Ameritrade scion in May (about 78, through yesterday when we checked) and couldn't pick out a SINGLE black face. Amazing.
     Then we went through April's tweeted photos (about 85).
     Again, NOT A SINGLE BLACK FACE. Dozens of campaign stops all over the state. Hundreds of people depicted in group photos and not one person of color that we could detect.
     If there is any more baldly racist-by-omission gubernatorial campaign in America, we'd love to see it.
     Or maybe not.

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