Friday, May 9, 2014

Inside Ben Sasse: Nebraskans on YouTube use butt jokes to mock Tea Party Senate candidate endorsed by Rick Santorum

Disclaimer: AKSARBENT had NOTHING to do with this; in fact we first saw it in a tweet from the right-wing LeavenworthST blog. The video was shot and edited here in town by Seven Minutes in Purgatory, an Omaha-based sketch and improv comedy group, made up of Justin Patterson and Price Comstock.

The Washington Post says Nebraska's GOP U.S. Senate primary is a make-or-break contest for the Tea Party, whose astroturf affiliates are spending at least $2.8 million in Nebraska to trash Sasse's opponents in a cesspool of attack ads. Below, the real Ben Sasse sucks up talks to the Nebraska Family Alliance, the predecessor of which circulated a petition which stopped an LGBT equal rights ordinance in Lincoln. In the video, Sasse (endorsed by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum) claims that government does not define marriage.

     Sasse's tea party allies have produced a swift-boat attack ad against his most formidable GOP primary opponent, former state treasurer Shane Osborn, that is so nasty that one Omaha station, KETV, won't run it until it gets more documentation for the claim alleging Osborn "created" a "fake memo" on U.S. Navy letterhead defending his decision to land a damaged spy plane in China rather than crashing it into the ocean during his military service.
     (AKSARBENT noticed this evening that WOWT has had no qualms about taking the money and running the ad.)
     The ad was made by the 60-Plus Association, a dark-money D.C. 501(c)(4) slush fund, that, according to a somewhat dated Wikipepdia entry,

...has sought to offer a privatized option for Social Security, end the federal estate tax, and strengthen gun rights. Current issues include opposing certain health care reform proposals, opposing federal energy standards, opposing the structure of the General Motors bailout, supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, and opposing tax increases... In 2014, documents left behind by an attendee at an exclusive "donor seminar" put on by Charles and David Koch (of Koch Industries) revealed that the billionaire brothers count the 60 Plus Association as a part of their massive political network. says Osborn's lawyers may go after TV stations running the "Dishonorable" ad, shown below.
     In a letter sent to television stations airing the ad, obtained by Breitbart News, attorney Patrick Borchers warned networks that the ad in question "contains materially false statements concerning Former Lt. Cmdr. Osborn's service in the Navy and subsequent actions."
     "Your station has a legal duty 'to protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising,'" he writes, citing a 1961 court case, and adds that "broadcasting stations are not protected from legal liability for airing false and misleading advertisements," suggesting that the Osborn campaign may take legal action against stations that air the ad.

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