Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outstanding Public Service Commissioner, retiring Anne Boyle, recommends a successor

Anne Boyle, Crystal Rhoades

For 17 years, Anne Boyle worked tirelessly on the Public Service Commission. Her indefatigable, incorruptible and aggressive representation of ratepayers was a credit not just to her district but the entire state.
     Now she has endorsed a successor, so for your own good, pay attention, ratepayers, to the letter from Anne and her husband, Mike:
     As you know, our world has changed dramatically since passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It is important that the next commissioner is dedicated and a proven leader. Crystal has demonstrated that in her work and as a candidate for the Public Service Commission.
     As a candidate, Crystal has spent a great deal of time visiting with Nebraska carriers and has become well informed regarding not only telecommunications but also the other departments we oversee.
     There are two other candidates in the primary election; however, without any reservations, we sincerely believe Crystal Rhoades is the best candidate to represent you. We would not ask for your support for any other reason. We hope you will support her with your vote.
     Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. It has been a privilege to serve you.

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