Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Billy Eichner: For a dollar, would you have sex with Paul Rudd?

(Via Towleroad)

Billy Eichner: (at the 2:11 mark) "Sir, for a dollar, do you wanna have sex with Paul Rudd? He's right here."
Australian man: Five dollars.
Billy Eichner: No.
Australian man: Two?
Billy Eichner: No
Australian man: I can't do it for one.
Billy Eichner: Excuse me. [to Australian] Get outta here. [to Paul Rudd] You don't need that gay crap. If you're going to have sex with a gay person, go Jim Parsons or go home.

AKSARBENT note: Paul Rudd, though adorable, is not gay. AKSARBENT knows this to be a fact because we once read a post in a forum by a gay plumber who worked on Rudd's bathroom back when Rudd was single and said plumber said Rudds bathroom was absolutely not the bathroom of a gay man.

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