Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nasty GOP infighting begins; WOWT airing dark money group ad attacking Jon Bruning; Sen. Deb Fischer's former campaign manager listed as contact

Antigay political blog Objective Conservative has noticed that Citizens for a Sound Government, a dark money group which used to be active in Colorado, now lists a Shawnee Mission post office box as an address.
     It also says, "contact Aaron Trost, providing his email address ( and the website (
     ...Interestingly, Trost was U.S. Senator Deb Fischer's campaign manager in her victorious 2012 campaign against Bruning and Stenberg.
     AKSARBENT thinks WOWT should tell its viewers who is behind the anonymously-funded Jack-The-Ripper political attack ads it airs. After all, doesn't its FCC license encourage it to operate in the public interest?
     Maybe Channel Six's new slogan should be: News you trust... Ads telling you how to vote from people you don't know.

     In WOWT's defense we should note that politicians aren't the only charlatans whose lies it broadcasts.

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