Friday, April 4, 2014

KETV running anonymously-funded, Iowa-based, dark money attack ads against Jon Bruning

Iowa's queen of dark money, GOP District 45
State Senator Sandra Greiner, listed as president
of American Future Fund, swears on a Bible to
support Iowa's constitution and faithfully
discharge the duties of senator. Greiner
was not actually wearing a tiara at the time
The Omaha World-Herald reports that Iowa's American Future Fund, one of the wealthiest dark money 501 (c) (4) organizations in America, is spending $130,000 in Nebraska on ads trashing the campaign of Nebraska's ultra-homophobic AG Jon Bruning to become the state's next governor. Says the Herald:
In the past, American Future Fund has refused to reveal its donors. On Tuesday, the organization did not return a telephone call seeking comment.
     The American Future fund  was kick-started with money from Hawkeye Energy CEO Bruce Rastetter. Its Form 990 for 2012 lists Iowa State Senator Sandra Greiner as president, although the organization's website provides zero information about its current leadership on a farcically-named "About Us" page.
     American Future fund has run $50,000 worth of ads supporting a Bruning GOP opponent,  State Senator Beau McCoy, who called American Future Fund attack ads on Jon Bruning a "cheap shot" and "misleading."
     In 2012, McCoy introduced LB912, a failed measure to outlaw LGBT antidiscrimination ordinances in Nebraska.
     At the time, the head of the Nebraska Democratic party, called McCoy's attempt to deprive Nebraska towns and cities the right to set their own antidiscrimination policies an "outrage," saying:
     This is the same Beau McCoy who wastes our time with partisan attempts to change the electoral vote procedures in the state to unfairly benefit his political party," Rogers said. "Now he introduces legislation to prevent our local communities from setting strong employment nondiscrimination ordinances for minorities. The real McCoy has shown his true colors.
     Rogers said he would recommend McCoy introduce measures to help his constituents in District 39, something he has consistently failed to do.

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