Monday, March 24, 2014

The recording of which Bryan Adams is so ashamed, he supposed stopped its sale

Audio engineers electronically raised the pitch of Adams' voice enough that if his name hadn't been on the record, no one would have been the wiser later, when he made a bigger name for himself as a rocker.
     This song was huge in gay clubs in the 70s.
     AKSARBENT first heard it at the I-Beam in Haight-Ashbury, which opened in 1977 and was shut after irate neighbors got the city to close the club on account of excessive noise — 17 years later. We would relate an amusing event which befell us there, involving a wardrobe malfunction, but we shan't burden the Internet with the details or ourselves with the ignominy, mortification or indignity attendant to the unfortunate incident.

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