Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quote of the day about Aaron Shock: 'Can someone be outed by a belt?'

Note: We were going to accompany this post with a funny picture of a constituent sizing up Aaron Shock, but for the third time in six months Blogger prevented us from posting a photo. Instead we got the following Google Blogger error message: "There was an error! Details: The feature you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later." The message appeared in a dialogue box with no 'close' or 'exit' buttons. The last two times we encountered an unexplained temporary Google blogger refusal to post pictures the embargo lasted from 12-48 hours, with no official apology or acknowledgement from Google, just the reappearance of the feature.

In his post today, GOP Congressman Aaron Schock Locks Down Instagram Account Amid Gay Rumors, Andy Towle seems to have drawn a line between evidence of stereotypical behavior accompanied by a heavy dose of insinuation and hard facts in respect of Illinois Congressman Aaron Shock's purported sexual orientation and the hypocrisy of his house votes against the legitimate civil rights aspirations of LGBTs, were he to be a member of said group:
     Hod's post to Facebook appears to have been inspired by a post blogger John Aravosis posted to Americablog on Thursday which hypothesized that Schock might be gay based on interpretations of photos from his Instagram account.
     What is lacking so far in any of the discussion, as amusing or voyeuristic as it may be, is any sort of direct testimony or evidence of Schock's sexual orientation.
     Can someone be "outed" by a belt? Or for the care they take of their body? Or something heard from a friend of a friend of a friend? Is determining someone's sexual orientation based on how they look an appropriate avenue because the person is a villain, or is it simply undercutting the LGBT community's arguments against stereotypes and defamatory phrases like "that's so gay"?

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