Thursday, December 5, 2013

Omaha's Douglas County votes 6-1 to extend benefits to same sex spouses over Clare Duda's emphatically gesticulated opposition

Duda, grasping at straws, seized on the Family Medical Leave Act, in which he alleged Douglas County would exceed the federal government's largesse.
     Meanwhile, Omaha's gay-hostile mayor, Jean Stothert, is now taking a break from fighting the Fire Department to fighting the police department (dishonestly) over the issue of same-sex spousal benefits. From the World-Herald's coverage of the Douglas County Board change: 
     Blue Cross already covers same-sex spouses who live in a state that recognizes their marriage. It announced recently that for groups fully insured through Blue Cross, same-­sex spouses who are legally married will be covered, regardless of whether they live in a state that recognizes their union.
     That will be the default definition for self-insured groups that contract with Blue Cross for claim administration, unless policyholders opt out before Jan. 1.
     Sarpy County, which has a policy with Blue Cross, is deferring to the insurer with respect to defining “spouse,” said Karen Buche, the county human resources director.

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