Monday, November 25, 2013

KPTM reports new revelations about Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's duplicity regarding same sex spousal benefits in union contract

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You need look no further for an example of Mayor Stothert's shameless homophobic deceptions  than KPTM's report, which clearly shows that, despite Stothert's disingenuous protestations about not being able to unilaterally change the definition of "spouse" in health insurance contracts, the city did just that when it switched administration of its self-insured program from Blue Cross to Coventry. The Police Department will file a grievance.

     From KPTM:
"When our contract passed, Blue Cross Blue Shield was our carrier and in the master contract, if you look under eligible dependent, it says the spouse of a subscriber. Since that time the city has gone to Coventry and in their contract they have substantially altered the definition of spouse to say 'except same sex couples. Based on the language, this is a substantial change and we are going to file a grievance," said John Wells, Omaha Police Officer's Union President.
Omaha evidently switched from Blue Cross to Coventry administration in 2012 while Jean Stothert was on the City Council and Jim Suttle, her Democratic predecessor, was mayor. AKSARBENT would love to know more about exactly who narrowed the definition of "spouses" in 2012.

Jean Stothert to LGBTs in 2012:
"You don't have to be in a protected class to be important to us and for us to want to provide for your health and your safety and your security at work."
Jean Stothert to LGBTs in 2013:
"...the city's health insurance summary plan descriptions make clear that the definition of 'spouse' does not include same-sex married spouses.”

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