Thursday, November 21, 2013

New HRC website exposes junk science behind antigay testimony of Nebraska Family Alliance's Dave Bydelak to Unicameral

Here's Dave Bydelak trying to con Sen. Brad Ashford with the discredited Regnerus Study (at about the 2:55 mark) back in March of 2012, when he was the director of Family First, which subsequently merged with the Nebraska Family Association to form the Nebraska Family Alliance.

Watching the video above might cause you to think Sen. Ashford was being dismissive, and even downright rude to Bydalek — if you didn't know how rigged the Regnerus Study was and what a large hairball of pseudoscientific bunk Bydalek was trying to get the Judiciary Committee to swallow, in which case Ashford's clear annoyance becomes quite understandable.

Here's more about the Regnerus Study:
     The Regnerus study has captured the imaginations of anti-gay activists throughout the world. But in reality, it is complete bunk. Shortly after Regnerus published his work, the narrative behind it unraveled.
     It turned out that Regnerus had relied on a slew of flawed methodology and had only studied two people raised by same-sex couples. As one sociologist charged with auditing Regnerus’ study for an academic journal put it: “Since only two respondents were actually raised in gay or lesbian households, this study has absolutely nothing to say about gay parenting outcomes. Indeed, because it is a non-random sample, this study has nothing to say about anything."
And even more about the study:
A critical look at the article, also in Slate, by William Saletan, makes this note:
Regnerus calculates that only one-sixth to one-quarter of kids in the LM sample—and less than 1 percent of kids in the GF sample—were planned and raised by an already-established gay parent or couple. In Slate, he writes that GF kids “seldom reported living with their father for very long, and never with his partner for more than three years.” Similarly, “less than 2 percent” of LM kids “reported living with their mother and her partner for all 18 years of their childhood.”
In short, these people aren’t the products of same-sex households. They’re the products of broken homes.

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