Friday, November 15, 2013

Antigay Rep. Mele Carroll had worst attendance record in Hawaii house; here's her nasty House floor speech before she voted against marriage equality

According to Honolulu Civil Beat, the three islands with voters Carroll "represents" (Lanai, Molokai, uninhabited Kahoolawe and parts of Maui) actually had no representative at all in almost 25% of floor votes of the last Hawaiian House session. Here she is trashing LGBTs, courtesy of video uploaded by Occupy Hawaii.
     Carroll, a Democrat whose younger sister is gay, read antigay testimonials from two of her constituents, which evidently moved her deeply.


From the first constituent testimony:
     We Hawaiians have so much taken from us.  And just when you think there is no more that can be taken, this happens. We don't appreciate people coming into our hale, robbing us of our religious freedoms, trying to destroy our families, restricting our voting rights and polluting the spiritual lands by dismantling what God has instituted: marriage between one man and one woman...
     You need to understand what aloha is... Most people do not know what aloha is. [Or it's Carroll who is using aloha in vain — AKSARBENT.] Aloha is everything that is pono. Everything that is righteous, correct. And everything that is in the light. Anything else is "other"; is dark. So if you want to talk about love, kindness, and compassion, and all of those things that what it is (sic), Aloha is the most sacred word in the Hawaiian culture. And it is being frivolously used by people utilizing my culture, my aloha. And to pass what we all know is wrong...
     How would you feel if someone came into your halai and robbed you of your culture and your lifestyle? If they stripped you of your lands, language, queen, hula, which keeps the history of Hawaii and its people, and other rights, to say the least, how would you feel if your children, relatives and friends were... punished at school for speaking their Hawaiian language, or at home by a nonHawaiian spouse?
     How about all the diseases brought to Hawaii, killing thousands of Hawaiians? This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Put yourself in our shoes. I now have a very small eke or bag of rice. Taking my religious freedoms, restricting my voting rights, parents' freedom of speech, destroying our families and imposing this bill on our vulnerable children will not have a positive effect on Hawaii. My small eke has now become much lighter... This bill is a hanaho of theft for the Hawaiians. Theft always leaves a horrible impact on its victim.
     Carroll then read from more testimony, this time from a woman from a neighbor island:
Our people have suffered through genocide and indignation under the yoke of foreign aggression. Again, we face aggression from afar that threatens our culture and the very essence of who we are: the ability of the people to determine what is pono: what is in the light; what is aloha. And the people's plea has fallen on deaf ears.
     After that, Carroll went on to improbably proclaim that she supports "equality for all people."
     As she droned on, being ceded time occasionally from other anti-SB1 representatives, she was being ridiculed on twitter:

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