Saturday, October 26, 2013

Technologically stupid TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn: cloud servers are, um, kind of metaphysical

House GOP party hack Blackburn, from Tennessee, lately has repeated the Tea Party charge that, in violation of ACA, consumers are "sharing" their "health information" with multiple insurers as they compare rates, despite the fact that the only thing remotely related to health information collected by the ACA website is the question about whether the inquirer smokes.
     CNN's Carol Costello asked Blackburn at least five times what information gathered by the ACA website violates HIPAA, and five times Blackburn refused to answer the question and refused to be accountable for her reckless, unsubstantiated claim.
     Instead, she attempted to cover her tracks with a crudely obvious diversion — trying to explain how the structure of the ACA website might be fraught with privacy perils. In so doing, what Rep. Blackburn ended up exposing was her own technological stupidity, to whit:
Now when you have a company that is utilizing at least 80 or 100 different servers, whether they're physical or cloud servers...

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