Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TD Ameritrade scion Peter Ricketts, sugar daddy of heterosexual supremacist pols, wants NE to make him governor since it refused to make him senator

In 2008 Peter Ricketts was the largest donor to the campaign of Beau McCoy, who tried to ban all municipal LGBT antibias ordinances in Nebraska in 2012 with his introduction of LB912 that, eventually, was smothered with a pillow in the Unicameral's Judiciary Committee by the troika of Amanda McGill, Brad Ashford and Brenda Council, doing what Ernie Chambers probably would have done all by himself, had he not been temporarily indisposed by a term-limit timeout.
     Last spring, Ricketts was one of the chief backers of yet another dark money 501(c)(4) "educational" nonprofit called Omaha Tomorrow which spent at least $44,000 in Omaha's mayoral election to run interference for antigay Jean Stothert in the form of "educational" ads trashing Mayor Suttle by claiming he raised property taxes by 10%. (AKSARBENT didn't know mayors could do that and still doesn't.)

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