Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reddit can be a tough crowd for a gay Marine AMA

My, my, my.
Have you ever turned someone gay, messed up a mission because you were gay, or caused a nuclear holocaust because you are gay?
There were also questions about dick jokes (Why, AKSARBENT?) because the Corps actually told its members to refrain from telling them after the repeal of DADT, presumably to avoid injuring the delicate sensibilities of homo jarheads. Those questions are contained in the screencap below, but you probably don't want to click on it because if you were to do that, then the graphic would be enlarged enough to read in its entirety.

AKSARBENT really wanted to illustrate this post with a picture of that famous television actor who was the first guy in the NBA to break a backboard before he went on to play professional baseball on that same California team which later had the gay, left-handed Hall-of-Fame pitcher, which was before he made that porn film called "The Sailor and the Marine" which was before he starred in that famous TV Western series which made him a huge star in Russia because Khrushchev liked it and caused it to be shown across the U.S.S.R., which now bans gay "propaganda."
     But we couldn't find a single still of that actor in his Marine uniform.
     Then we remembered that he played the sailor.

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