Friday, September 27, 2013

Skeletens of two teens missing for 42 years found in overturned Studebaker

The Sioux City Journal asked "How did no one see sunken car in Union County S.D., creek?" and then speculated that passersby assumed the vehicle, the upturned wheels of which are plainly visible, had been put along the bank by a farmer to slow erosion or that the 7-11 inches of rain dumped on the area during a weekend last May, may have uncovered the vehicle. The bridge is inspected every two years, including the surrounding creek to assess erosion and no report has ever noted the overturned car in the creek bed near said bridge. Regarding the cold case opened following the disappearance of the two teens:
     A South Dakota State Penitentiary inmate, David Lykken, of rural Alcester, S.D., was indicted on murder charges in the case in 2007. Those charges were dismissed after authorities learned that a jailhouse informant who claimed to have taped Lykken confessing to the alleged crimes had faked the recordings.
     Officials have not said if Lykken remains a suspect in the case.

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