Monday, September 23, 2013

Meet Vitaly Milonov, the Russian extremist who authored Putin's LGBT "propaganda" law

Julien Pain, of TV's France 24, conducted the interview with Milonov in English! There's a second video, which you can see at AmericaBlog along with a point-by-point refutation of Milonov's disinformation.
     Last Thursday, Milonov crashed St. Petersburg's QueerFest film festival with five or six thugs and called guests "animals," "un-Russian" and "faggots."
     Organizers said Milonov and his posse shoved around two guests, slapping them in the face. Shortly after that, police suddenly arrived but instead of investigating Milonov and his gang, they hassled the venue owners, insisting they show ownership papers.
     Interestingly, Milonov isn't Russian Orthodox, he's a Baptist.

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