Sunday, September 22, 2013

AKSARBENT watches the Emmys: Michael Douglas' slightly slutty acceptance speech; the best tweets; and (sob!) Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad gets stiffed

First, the breaking, bad news: Although Breaking Bad won Best Dramatic Series and the TV wife of previous Emmy winner Bryan "Walter White" Cranston, actress Anna Gunn, won Best Supporting Actress, AKSARBENT's personal favorite, Aaron "Jesse Pinkman" Paul, lost (aaarrgh!) to Bobby Carnavale of Boardwalk Empire. (If Jesse Pinkman had made out with Walter White in the show instead of just the gag reel, we're convinced Aaron Paul could have collected the Emmy rightfully due him.) Alas, Dean "Hank" Norris, BB's stalwart DEA agent, wasn't even nominated! All winners and nominees here.

Best #Emmy tweets:

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