Friday, May 24, 2013

No, you won't be able to beam yourself up,
like they do on Star Trek, anytime soon

Physicist Frank Heile, explains to Quora why teleportation ain't happenin'
...the data for the scan of one human would require at least 10,000 times the total storage of all the data stored on Earth right now.
     The total traffic on the entire World Wide Web/Internet was about 27,000 petabytes per month in 2011 (see Internet traffic). At that rate, it would take more than 3 million years to transmit the bits needed to specify the positions of all the atoms in the body (see 10^28 bits/(27,000 petabytes/month)).
      Even if you can store and transmit this data and then store it again at the destination, you still have the problem of scanning the original body and constructing the final body. The scanning of the body will probably have to be destructive since you need to essentially take the body apart to get to the inner atoms of the body. So you had better be able to do the scanning in a very short period of time or the person will die during the scanning operation and you will end up reconstructing a dead person at the destination. Finally, you cannot take a long time to construct the body at the destination since the early parts you construct will die while you are finishing the construction of the later parts. It is safe to say that this method of teleportation is for all practical purposes impossible.

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