Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WOWT, KMTV report 33k NE signatures favoring Keystone XL pipeline; they didn't report 'signatures' were from robocalls and that even callees who responded 'no' were thanked for signing petition

If you smell a rat in respect of TransCanada and the Keystone XL pipeline and want to know the real score, the first thing you should do is visit BoldNebraska.org, which is what we did when we started seeing news about 33,000 Nebraskans petitioning for the Keystone XL pipeline. Our suspicions were confirmed:
To view the 13,004 public comments submitted, please email info@boldnebraska.org. We will make those available to press to verify our figure. We dispute TransCanada’s nonprofit, Nebraskans for Jobs, submission since they used robocalls to gather the “signatures” but even if you pressed a button saying you were against the pipeline, the call thanked you for signing their petition. The "nonprofit" group was founded by TransCanada staff, TransCanada lobbyists and a member of the Laborers.
UPDATE: One comment sent AKSARBENT to WOWT was sharply critical of the station for what was left out of its report — that comment was never "approved" for publication on the station's website. Here's one that was:
Compare this organizations "Check the Facts" page and then compare it to the following that was released by TransCanada last June 2012.
     Check the Facts:

     TransCanada's Know the Facts:

     Seems to me that a lot of the material on Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence website was lifted almost exactly, there are a few differences in choices of words, from  information directly from TransCanada's website.
     Especially down in the section headed "Business Practices" and "Economic Development" where they start to refer to TransCanada by using the word "we".
     Makes me wonder who is actually hiding behind the anonymous registration of that website and who is funding this organization.

     Just sayin'

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