Friday, April 26, 2013

New Suttle ad busts antigay mayoral candidate Jean Stothert as fiscal fake: 'She's not who she says she is'

This is a terrific ad which skillfully and truthfully demolishes Stothert's #1 campaign talking point.
     Only one thing would make it better: a female narrator. The Suttle Campaign still doesn't seem to grasp the necessity of subtly undermining a subtext of Stothert's campaign: potential first female Mayor of Omaha, yet a hood ornament of a political party which sabotages the political gains of women seemingly at every turn.
     A female narrator could subconsciously give those women who support Stothert on feminist grounds, but who have misgivings about her, "permission" to vote for the male candidate, but Suttle's campaign continues to remain stubbornly and willfully ignorant of that psychology in its exclusive use of male narrators.
     What's up with that kind of tired, self-defeating sexism?

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