Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jean Stothert's GOP pollster predicts she'll win!

The polling firm, the Tarrance group, is considered by almost everyone to be a Republican-skewing public opinion researcher, although the Leavenworth St. blog prefers to call it a "nationally renowned" pollster.
     (On October 29, 2012, a "bipartisan" poll conducted by the Tarrance Group's Ed Goeas, along with Celinda Lake, predicted a Romney win, 52-47%, with Goeas telling reporters that "Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory.")
     Although the poll of 300 likely Mayoral runoff voters was conducted April 7-9, with a magin of error of almost 6%, the Terrance Group says Stothert holds a "commanding" 8% lead, 50-42%.
     Other findings assert that Stothert:
  • has 53% of women voters
  • will get 80+% of Nabity voters
  • will get 66% of Welch voters
  • will get 33+% of Ashford voters
  • leads independents by 19%
  • makes a favorable impression on 62% of voters
    (These would be voters who, we guess, have never witnessed in its entirety, one of her performances at the City Council, which typically ensues only after the jejune spectacle of Stothert sanctifying her forthcoming machinations by reciting a pious, opening prayer to her personal savior, Hal Daub Jesus Christ.)

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